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Creating Rendered Images

Creating Rendered Images

When editing the tech pack properties, you can add new rendered images.

To add a new rendered image:

  1. In the Create Tech Pack dialog box, in the Images section, click Edit . The Images properties dialog box is displayed, including previously created rendering presets.

    Image properties dialog box

  2. In the Images properties dialog box, click Manage.

    Click Manage

    The Manage Presets dialog box is displayed.

    Manage Presets dialog box

  3. If you want, use your mouse to adjust the camera view in the 3D window. Then, adjust the settings as required. For more information, refer to Editing Rendered Image Settings.

  4. In the New Export Preset text box, type in a name for the rendered image.

    Type a name for the rendered image

  5. Click Save.

    Click Save

  6. Repeat steps 3-5 as often as required, then click Close. The Images properties dialog box is displayed.

    Images properties dialog box

  7. Select the rendered images you want to include in the tech pack.

    To preview an image, click Preview.
  8. In the Select Colorways to Export section:

    1. Select BOM to export the colorways included in the BOM.

    2. Select Custom to make a different selection. You can click Select All to select all colorways.

  9. Click Go Back.

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