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Exporting to Maya or Cinema 4D

Exporting to Maya or Cinema 4D

When exporting a 3D object to Maya or Cinema 4D, the following settings are recommended:

  • 3D Format: Autodesk FBX (fbx)

  • Garment Inside: selected

  • Garment Thickness: selected

  • Scale: x 1 (Keep as is)

  • Baked Textures: selected

  • File Format: PNG

  • Pixels: selected

  • Single UV Layout For All Pieces: selected

  • Square (0-1): selected

  • FBX Version: 2014/2015

  • FBX Type: Binary

  • Up Axis: Y

  • Use Pattern Piece Names: selected


To get the best results with an exported 3D object in Maya, the following are recommended:

  • For each material that doesn’t need transparency, go to Transparency and select Break Connection.

  • Go to each normal map node and change Color Space to Raw.

Cinema 4D

To get the best results with an exported 3D object in Cinema 4D, it is recommended to clear the alpha channel.

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  • Thanks for the settings recommendation. However, when I export according to these settings for cinema 4D I don't get opacity. Is there a way how to get it if I want the export to be fbx? Currently, I work in 2021.3.3 version. Many thanks! Olga


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