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Cloud Licensing Moderator's Guide

Cloud Licensing Moderator's Guide

For authorized users, Browzwear Cloud License service is available here.

Browzwear Cloud License is a cloud service through which your organization can manage its licenses for Browzwear software.

The administration of Browzwear Cloud License is structured through:

  • Products

  • Contracts

  • Groups

  • Users

Products and Contracts

A product is an item of software licensed by Browzwear to your organization. If your organization has a license for a product, this is referred to as a contract. For example, your organization may have a contract for Lotta 2019 August Edition. Each contract specifies the:

  • Product

  • Maximum number of seats which may be in use at any one time*

  • Expiration date

  • Annual Maintenance Contract expiration date

*For example, a user who is logged in to and using VStitcher on two different computers at the same time, counts as using two seats. A user who is logged in to and using multiple instances of VStitcher on the same computer at the same time, counts as using one seat.

Groups and Users

In Browzwear Cloud License, contracts may be assigned to one or more groups. A group is a collection of one or more users set up by a moderator. After setting up a group, you can then add one or more users to the group. Each user may only be in one group.

Any user belonging to a group may use the product licensed under the contract until the maximum number of seats under the contract is reached.

The following image shows an example of a contract, product, groups and users.

Contract, product, groups, and users

You may name your groups as you want.

Moderator Privileges

If you have the privileges of a moderator, you can use the Cloud License Manager to do the following:

Action Description

Add and edit users

When you add a user to your Cloud License account, they receive an email with a link to activate their account. For more information, refer to Adding and Editing Users.

Add and edit user groups

You use groups to organize sets of users. A user must be a member of a group. For more information, refer to Adding and Editing Groups.

View contracts

Your contract details, including the software and number of seats (or licenses), are populated by Browzwear. By default, contracts that are not assigned are available to users in all groups. Alternatively, you may assign a contract to one or more groups, restricting the licenses to users in the selected groups. For more information, refer to Assigning Contracts.

Set up email notifications about certain events

For example, you can receive notifications about changes to contracts, user groups, or users. For more information, refer to Using Notifications.

View a history of actions taken

A detailed history of actions taken on your account. For more information, refer to Using the History Page.

View analytics

Your license utilization details are available to view and download. For more information, refer to Using the Analytics Page.

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