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2020 January Edition - Build 51075

2020 January Edition - Build 51075

Release Notes

VStitcher 2020 January Edition and Lotta 2020 January Edition

2020.1.2 Build 51075

April 8, 2020

What's Fixed

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

  • General

    • Stitching effects not always accurately replicated in puffy garments with multiple sizes

    • Unable to assign a seam that displays on top of an inner attachment

    • Directional Seam stitch construction with depth may display crease lines on the seam after ray trace render

    • Crease line incorrectly displaying between stitched internal lines

    • Mesh fabrics not always accurately displaying on render

    • Displacement map default value requires adjustment

    • Increasing button size may cause it to collide with the garment in simulation

    • Transparent line displays on certain rendered turntable output

    • On certain garments, stitching issue might arise with graded sizes

  • API

    • Backward fold not working properly

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