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2020 May Edition - Build 51188

2020 May Edition - Build 51188

Release Notes

VStitcher 2020 May Edition and Lotta 2020 May Edition

2020.2.1 Build 51188

July 15, 2020

What's New

This release includes the following new features:

What's Fixed

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

  • General

    • Missing internal line on one piece with internal symmetry

    • Shrinking not always displaying accurately

    • Certain artwork not displaying correctly

    • Moving a piece in 3D styling may sometimes cause a collision

    • Creating symmetry for a particular piece and artwork can cause system to crash

    • Certain garment displaying incorrectly in current version

    • Unable to move or delete a particular pattern piece

    • Missing texture images on some avatars

    • In certain circumstances, cannot save snapshot after finishing simulation

    • Color picker sometimes not displaying

    • Particular binding image disappears when zooming in and out in 3D window

    • Imported avatar appears without cloth texture in 3D

    • Loading particular snapshot, or loading and changing its pose, may cause system crash

    • Assigning smart zipper to a certain garment may cause system crash

    • When changing sizes, seam image may display incorrectly

    • Slicing symmetrical piece may cause smart button to disappear

    • In a certain garment file, clicking smart zipper may cause it to disappear

    • Layout may change when using undo

    • Particular sleeve and stitch combination not dressing accurately

    • Geometry of a snapshot may inadvertently change

    • Specific raster artwork becomes distorted when back side color is changed

    • Very short lines drawn with pen tool may not always persist

  • Rendering

    • Vector seams with specular tint not displaying correctly in a zoomed out view of ray trace render

    • Seam missing when rendering with V-Ray cloud render

    • On particular file, collision displays in V-Ray ray trace preview but not in real time

    • Ray trace render may have collision on edges/internal lines with stitch construction

    • Render of animated GIF sometimes has empty output

  • API

    • When loading snapshot using API, subsequent save of file may not always be done

    • On importing pattern pieces using API, display in 2D window not always properly spread out

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