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VStitcher 8.0 and Lotta 4.0 Release Build 50500

February 17, 2019

What's New

This release includes the following new features:

  • Stylezone Refresh

    A new look and feel for our platform, including an improved user interface and user experience.

    In addition, these new features are included:

    • Sort: the ability to sort garments, boards, and groups by name and by date.

    • Filter: the ability to filter and sort by status. For example: view only the approved styles.

    • Grid View: the option to view garments in single thumbnail size without comments .

    • Workflow (status): the ability for each organization to manage their own garment status list (for example: in progress, approved, and so on) and then give a status to each garment, as appropriate.

    For more information, refer to Quick Guide to the New Stylezone.
  • Import Garments from Cloud

    This feature gives access to the Browzwear garment library in the cloud. The initial release includes a wide variety of basic grade garments which can be used as foundations for your own designs.

    To access, on the Main menu click File, then Import from Cloud.
  • Enhanced Avatar Import Support

    Added support for importing rigged avatars (with a skeleton) with multiple separate objects. For example, you can now import an avatar with hair from Daz 3D.

What's Fixed

This release includes a fix for the following issues:

  • Lotta/VStitcher

    • Intersection line can interfere with enhanced layer blending

    • Colorways and images sometimes omitted from tech pack

    • Unable to open or dress a certain garment file

    • Moving an internal line may affect grading line

    • Problems accurately manipulating artwork which is larger than the pattern piece

    • Artwork incorrectly reproducing in additional colorways

    • Importing VSA avatar with the same name but different hanging points

  • DB Admin

    • Importing DAT file can sometimes prompt database error message

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