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2020 September Edition - Build 51443

2020 September Edition - Build 51443

Release Notes

VStitcher 2020 September Edition and Lotta 2020 September Edition

2020.3.1 Build 51443

November 15, 2020

What's New

This release includes the following new features:

  • API - added support for Python version 3.7.8

  • Color Atlas by Archroma is included as an available color library

What's Fixed

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

  • When adding 3D annotation, the pen tool may become disabled

  • With a particular file, difficulty saving outfit as .BW file.

  • Unknown Category misspelled in Physics dialog box

  • 3D trim imported without normal map may not display normal map when added

  • Importing DXF file or merging imported DXF file with BW file sometimes not working properly

  • Moving of points not being recorded as an “undo” event

  • Difficulty assigning fabric in 3D window

  • Artwork or trim being assigned in 3D window may incorrectly be assigned to inside of pattern pieces

  • On particular garment Shrink amount remains after Shrink property is cleared

  • Thickness of hoodie is missing when stitched with binding on the hood

  • After performing then clearing 3D styling, 3D gizmo may still display

  • Using API, updating material using absolute path to the texture may fail

  • Rendering:

    • Sometimes V-Ray render does not process specular and roughness maps

    • Using Browzwear Render Cloud a job may sometimes not complete (and error message may display) but success may be incorrectly reported on render tab

    • Uneven displacement may occur in ray trace render

    • In some cases, significant differences between Blender and V-Ray render output

    • Render of particular garment (using Blender 2.79) displays incorrectly

  • FAB/DB Admin:

    • Unable to calculate properties of crepe textile (long segment) on bias grain line

    • Properties added to database despite error message displaying stating raw data too noisy

    • Recalculation of large database may cause program to close

  • Fold & Hang:

    • After clicking Undo or Redo, simulation progress may not display accurately and Texture tool not always selected when it should be

    • Turntable output may not display all views

    • Drop to Floor may rotate garment

    • Selection not always cleared after clicking 3D Fold tool

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