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2019 April Edition - Build 50676

Release Notes

VStitcher 2019 April Edition and Lotta 2019 April Edition

2019.1.1 Build 50676

June 6, 2019

What's Fixed

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Blender or V-Ray rendering output may display collision of pattern pieces

  • V-Ray rendering output sometimes displays black artifact on edges and seams, or streaks

  • Enabling enhanced layer blending can make a garment look more shiny in 3D, or cause the garment to go into simulation, or adversely affect the display of pieces with zippers

  • Adding a value for Force Multiplier may initiate prepare mode

  • Grading applied to internal lines not automatically adjusting when change made to static grade point

  • In 3D styling, after Auto Lock is set, unlocking a puffy pattern piece does not unlock the back of the pattern piece

  • Importing a material with recolor color blending from the Asset Library can cause a change to overlay color blending

  • Exporting a material with invalid Windows filename characters as U3M can cause a misleading error message to be displayed

  • Design in Sizes may incorrectly display additional artwork on smaller size garment

  • Print to File using 300 DPI can sometimes produce incorrectly sized output

  • Pasting material multiple times in Colorways workspace may not always initiate screen refresh

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