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2019 August Edition - Build 50816

Release Notes

VStitcher 2019 August Edition and Lotta 2019 August Edition

2019.2.1 Build 50816

October 15, 2019

What’s New

This release includes a change to the user interface for the export of a U3M library. Instead of clicking File, then Export, to export such files:

  1. On the Main menu, click File, then Export Material Library. The available options are displayed.

    1. Click Packed U3M Library to export the materials all in U3MA file format. An explorer window is displayed.

    2. Click U3M Library to export the materials in a U3M folder structure. An explorer window is displayed.

  2. Navigate to the folder where you want to export the materials, then click Select Folder. The materials are exported.

For more information, refer to U3M and Creating and Adding Your Own Asset Libraries.

What's Fixed

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

  • On certain pattern pieces, converting an internal line to an edge could cause distortion

  • Some fold lines may distort animation output

  • Slash and spread action cannot always be undone

  • Using pen tool to connect existing glue point to edge may create unwanted point and line

  • In a multilayered fabric, thickness determined by base fabric instead of combined materials

  • Marquee selection sometimes does not include internal lines

  • Merge of pattern pieces may cause loss of internal lines

  • Normal map not always matching measurement changes in diffuse map

  • Edge of hood not displaying accurately

  • Cut lines sometimes disrupting mirror tiling

  • Corner seam alignment may not always be implemented

  • On certain garment, tension values changing by large fluctuations instead of gradually

  • SmartDesign change of option not loading generated snapshot

  • Materials

    • FBX button textures not displaying correctly on PC

    • On assignation of other fabric to cut mark, fabric may become transparent

    • Incorrect artwork behavior on some cloned colorways

    • Copy and paste of pattern pieces can sometimes unassign artwork

    • Movement of artwork with physics applied may cause distortion to artwork

    • Create fabric group in Colorways workspace not always working

    • Trim sometimes displays on wrong layer

    • Seams with wide angles not always displaying in 3D window

    • Certain 3D trim not displaying accurately

    • Zipper alignment not always displaying correctly in 3D window

  • Avatars

    • Set hanging points of external avatars might be reset when imported

    • Avatar hanging points not saved on import to Lotta

  • DXF Import and Export

    • Internal line grading may be incorrect on DXF import

    • On export to DXF, some internal lines for artwork not displaying

  • Rendering

    • Render of the pressure map in specific file

    • Errors when rendering files with Chinese character names

    • Render of multiple colorways may cause change to button colors

    • Speed of upload to Render Street

    • Certain displacement maps not displaying accurately in V-Ray window

    • V-Ray rendering not always displaying accurately with enhanced layer blending disabled

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