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Sharing Styles Using Lotta or VStitcher

To share a style:

  1. Dress the style on the avatar. Make sure you are satisfied with how the style appears.

  2. On the Main toolbar, click Stylezone. The login dialog box is displayed.

    Login box

    1. Type in your brand's Stylezone URL (

    2. Click Login. A login form is displayed.

    3. Enter your Email and Password.

      You should have received a Stylezone welcome email with your login and password. If not, or you mislaid your details, contact your company Stylezone administrator
  3. Version 2022.2 and newer
    With this version the software remembers the sites you have logged into in the past for Stylzeone, and they will be displayed in the log-in dialog box so you do not have to log-in and out again when using multiple Stylezone sites.
    Multiple sites login
  4. Click Login. The Share dialog box is displayed.  Share window
  5.  In the Share dialog box follow the steps:
  6. Click Share. The style is uploaded to Stylezone.

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    I try to login, but the browzwear logo just scrolls by

  • Hi Mary Ann! It may be that you are opening the log in with an unsupported browser. If you are on a windows computer, note that Windows Explorer is not supported and would not properly load the log in site. If you continue to experience issues logging in, please send us a message at and we are happy to help!


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