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Stylezone Structure

To get the best use out of Stylezone, you should understand the key definitions, and how the platform is structured.

Top Level Structure

The top level structure of Stylezone consists of the brand and users.

  • Brand

The brand - your company setting up in Stylezone - is at the top of the structure.

  • Users

Each brand can add users.

Each user must be one of the following:

  • Admin

  • Member

  • External user

For more information, refer to User Roles.

Internal Structure

Once a brand is setup in Stylezone with users, it may then create the internal structure to suit its needs. Such a structure includes the following:

  • Group

A group is made up of two or more users who are the audience for shared styles.

For example, a group might include a designer, technical designer, merchandiser, and product developer who work together on a line of activewear for women for Brand XYZ. The group is called Women's Activewear Team. Brand XYZ may have other groups, such as Women’s Lifestyle Team, Women’s Swimwear Team, Women’s Dresses Team, and so on.

  • Group Types

A group may be one of the following:

  • Private

  • Chat

  • Members

  • Members and External users

  • Public

For more information, see Group Types.

  • Group Roles

Each group may have:

  • Moderators

  • Contributors

  • Reviewers

In addition, public groups, may have anonymous users.

For more information, see Group Roles.

  • Board

A board is a way of organizing styles within a group. You can assign styles uploaded from VStitcher and Lotta to specific boards, allowing you to organize, present, and share these to suit your needs. Each group may have one or more boards.

Continuing the Women's Activewear Team example, that group might have boards such as Spring 2018, Fall 2018, and Holiday 2018 Special Collection. Brand XYZ uploads each style to the appropriate board, helping ensure that discussion and comment about each style is in the relevant board, making it easier to monitor, review, and manage communications, and make faster, more informed decisions.

  • Style

An essential part of the Stylezone structure! You can upload styles to Stylezone from VStitcher or Lotta.

Structure Example

The following image, when expanded, shows an example of a simple Stylezone structure for a brand.

Stylezone structure

The brand has a number of users. Each user has their own personal zone to which they can load styles. The brand has created certain groups. Some of the users are in some groups, and not others. Within each group, there are boards. The users in each group can see all of the boards, and all the styles in each board. There is one Chat group.

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