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Contacting Support

If you cannot find the answer to your query here, use the CONTACT SUPPORT link at the top right of the page to contact the Support Team. (Alternatively, you may email

How to contact support

To help us to give you the best support, however you request support, please provide the following information:

  1. What type of computer you are using: PC or Mac.

  2. A description of the issue, including whether it is about installation, a garment, or an error message, and:

    1. If the issue is about installation, send us your license HASP. If you need a V2C, send us your C2V file.

    2. If the issue is about a garment or an error message, send us the BW* (or VSP) file.

      *Important: If sending a BW file, ensure you have saved it as the type Garment + Avatars & Accessories (*.bw).

    3. If the issue is about an error message, describe what steps you were taking when the message displayed.

  3. Screenshot(s) of the issue.

Using a Support Site Account

If you have a support site account, you can also send, review, and respond to tickets through the support site.

For more information, refer to Signing in to Browzwear Help Center.

To use a support site account:

  1. Once an account has been created, navigate to the home page and click SIGN IN.

    Click SIGN IN

  2. At the top right of the page, click the drop-down to display a menu.

    Click My activities

  3. Click My activities.

    The My activities page is displayed.

    My activities page

    The page has the following sections:

    • Requests

      Displays support tickets associated with your account including the status. To reply, click on the ticket subject.

    • Contributions

      Displays your community posts and comments.

    • Following

      Displays the community topics you are following.

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