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Adding a Pleat

Adding a Pleat

You can use the Pleats/Darts feature to add a pleat to your garment.

To add a pleat:

  1. On the Main toolbar, click Insert.

  2. On the Horizontal contextual menu, click Click the drop-down.

    Click Pleats/Darts

  3. Click Pleats/Darts.

  4. In the 2D window, click the edge you want to add the pleat to. The default pleat is displayed, extending across the piece, perpendicular to the edge you clicked.

    For example, the following image shows a piece and where the user clicks.

    The user clicks where shown

    And this image shows how the pleat is inserted.

    Pleat inserted

    The pleat is displayed with the following:

    • Blue pleat point marks where the pleat fold is.

    • Pleats crosshairs marks the depth of the pleat inside the edge.

    • Orange pleat pointmarks the width of the pleat.

  5. Edit the pleat as required:

    If you want to reposition a pleat through a corner point on the edge of a piece, you must first turn the corner point off.

    To turn the corner point off:

    1. In the 2D window, click the point.

    2. Go to the Context view.

    3. In the Point Properties section, clear Corner Point.

    1. On the Horizontal contextual menu, ensure Edit Points is selected.

      Edit Points is selected

    2. In the 2D window:

      • Drag Blue point to move the pleat fold.

      • Drag Orange pointto widen or narrow the pleat.

      • Drag Pleat point to move the pleat so it does not extend the full length or width of the piece.

  6. For more precise configuration of the pleat:

    1. In the 2D window, click one of the pleat points (Blue pleat point, Pleat point, or Orange pleat point). In the Context view, Transformations and Draping Options are displayed.

      Transformations and Draping Options

    2. Type in the values you want for the pleat properties. Click Align to Start to reset Pleat point so that it is perpendicular to Blue pleat point.

  7. Save the file: on the Main toolbar, click Save.


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  • Pleat/Dart is only a combined function on older versions of Vstitcher. 


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