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What's New in VStitcher 2021.1

What's New in VStitcher 2021.1

We’ve changed our naming format. Version 2021.1 is the first major release of the year, to be followed by major release 2021.2 and so on.
  • For a list of all the updates in this release, see the release notes.

  • Find more detailed information below about what's new, including links to instructions on using the new features and the webinar video.

Upgrading to VStitcher 2021.1

  • Download and install VStitcher 2021.1 from here.

  • Cloud License Users - send your upgrade request to There is no need to send any files.

  • Dongle License Users - you must update your license dongle. Send your C2V to For further information, refer to Retrieving a C2V File and Applying a V2C File.

  • If you need to renew your contract and are interested in Version 2021.1, contact

Darts Overhaul

This release includes a complete overhaul of the darts feature. You can now add darts that actually change the pattern piece. Once added, you can perform actions on the dart that mimic real-life pattern-making techniques.

For more information, refer to Adding a Dart - Overview.

Animation Workspace

This is a dedicated workspace hosting the total reworking of the animation feature with improved simulation and performance optimization. You can create, edit, and add animations. You can also save multiple animation recordings in the same BW file and update the current loaded animation with newly recorded frames. In addition, you can use the 3D styling tools in the workspace for a more efficient workflow.

For more information, refer to Working with Animation.

Walk Tool

This is a digital tool that replicates the real-life walking of pattern pieces that is the pattern maker's traditional way of making sure the pieces are designed properly from a technical point of view. You can inspect and adjust pattern pieces in the 2D window, similar to the physical process done manually with paper.

For more information, refer to Walk Tool Overview.

New Parametric Avatar

Welcome to Oliver, our new parametric avatar with enhanced editing capabilities.

Updated Parametric Avatar

This version includes an updated and improved version of Olivia:

  • Smoother skin-weights for the forearm twist and spine curvature

  • Additional body parts:

    • Posture

    • Bottom Posture

    • Hip volume

    • Buttocks Volume

    • Balanced Top

  • Smoother deformation for the Shoulders body part when decreasing the measurement

Support for Metallic/Roughness Option in glTF

When exporting a 3D object using glTF, you now have the option of setting the PBR Model to include Metallic/Roughness.

For more information, refer to GLTF Settings.

Adjacent Edges in Sizes and Grading Pane

Information about the edges adjacent to a selected point now displays in the Sizes and Grading pane. For more information, refer to Adjacent Edges.


The following webinar video shows you some of the new features in this edition.

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