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Auto Stitch

Auto Stitch

2021.3.1 and newer

This is a Labs feature that can automatically stitch simple garments.


  • The garment should have no more than five pieces.

    For example, a basic five-piece T-shirt garment is ideal such as in the following image.

    Five pieces of a T-shirt garment

    As another example, you can use the feature on an even simpler two-piece T-shirt garment. Using longer body pattern pieces, you can also use the feature on a simple dress garment.

  • The pattern pieces must be arranged. Ensure any sleeves are properly aligned as shown in the following example image.

    Example of arranged pattern pieces

    For more information, refer to How to Arrange Pieces.

Using Auto Stitch

To use Auto Stitch:

  1. Open the garment in VStitcher, ensuring the pattern pieces are displaying in the 2D window.

  2. Ensure the prerequisites are met.

  3. On the Main menu, click Garment, then Labs.

  4. Click Auto Stitch. An advisory message is displayed.

  5. Click OK. The cursor changes shape to a full hourglass. When the cursor reverts to its usual shape, the garment is stitched.

  6. To view the stitches, on the Main toolbar, click Stitch.

  7. On the Main menu, click Prepare and make the appropriate adjustments in prepare mode, if any. For more information, refer to Preparing the Garment on the Avatar.

  8. Dress the garment. For more information, refer to Dressing the Avatar.

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  • Auto Stitch option is disable in my software. How can I use Auto Stitch option?  


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