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V-Ray Real-Time Ray Trace Rendering

V-Ray Real-Time Ray Trace Rendering

The application includes in-built integration with V-Ray. As well as providing another ray trace render engine to use with image or turntable output, this integration allows you to generate ray trace rendering simultaneously in the application, while you make adjustments to your garment. There is no setup requirement, and the rendering is triggered with a single mouse click.

In addition, V-Ray trace rendering supports the use of fur material.


Using V-Ray for Real-Time Ray Trace Rendering

This capability is also known as the V-Ray preview feature.

To use V-Ray for real-time ray trace rendering:

  1. Go to the 3D window.

  2. On the 3D toolbar, click V-Ray.

    Click V-Ray

    A ray tracer render window is displayed with a toolbar at the top. For more information, refer to Using the Render Toolbar.

    Render window

  • The real-time render size and aspect displays to match the 3D window size and aspect.

  • Changes made in the 3D window are reflected automatically and simultaneously in the render window.

  • The render window can display the environment settings, such as lighting.

  • V-Ray also supports importing custom HDRI lighting and backgrounds.

Using the Render Toolbar

The Render toolbar displays at the top of the Render window.

Render toolbar

  • Pause - Click to pause the render. Once clicked, Resume is displayed. Click Resume to resume the render.

  • Refresh - Click to refresh the render.

  • Show Background Image - Select to show the background image. When this option is cleared, the environment, as configured, is displayed.

  • Save Image - Click to save the image:

    A file explorer window is displayed.

    1. Navigate to where you want to save the image.

    2. Select the file type.

    3. Click Save.

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