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Animation - Legacy Feature

Animation - Legacy Feature

Animation of avatars is supported for imported avatars with different poses built in. You can output the animation in different formats.

In addition, the application includes several animation ready avatars with natural sequential poses, that include, for example, walking and turning. These avatars are:

  • Man Running in Place Animation

  • Man Walking and Turning Animation

  • Woman Running Animation

To download the catwalk animation for the new Olivia avatar (2020 September Edition) click here.

Using Animation

To use animation:

  1. On the Main menu, click Plugins, then Animation Plugin.

    The Animation Plugin pane is displayed.

    Animation Plugin pane

  2. Edit the settings as required. You must first select an avatar.

    • The available settings depend on the format selected.

    • Output size matches the current size of the 3D window.



    Load Animated Avatar

    Click Click the drop-down, then click the avatar you want to use.


    • Only imported avatars with animation or animated in their name are displayed. Rename suitable imported avatars to have them displayed in the list.

    • Other settings are only enabled when you have selected an avatar.


    Click Click the drop-down, then click the output you want:

    • MP4

    • Animated GIF

    • Sequence

      Note: Sequence output creates a number of images of the selected file format. You must use third-party software to stitch these images together and create animation.text

    • FBX with Animation -

    • OBJ with Animation -

    Export Settings

    Only displays if selected Output is FBX with Animation or OBJ with Animation

    Click Click to display the available presets to display the available presets, then click the setting you want to use.

    • Garment Outside Baked Textures

      If selected, the settings are as follows:

      • Geometry: garment outside, scale x1

      • Textures: baked, PNG, square 4096px

      • UV: single UV layout for all pieces

      • Exclude avatar

    • Garment In and Out Baked Textures

      If selected, the settings are as follows:

      • Geometry: garment outside, inside and thickness, scale x1.

      • Textures: baked, PNG, square 4096px.

      • UV: single UV layout for all pieces.

      • Exclude avatar.

    FFMPEG Library

    Only displays for MP4 output

    You must install FFmpeg to use this output.

    If you have not already downloaded FFmpeg:

    1. Click the displayed link and follow the instructions to download from the website.

    2. Once downloaded, click Browse and navigate to the location of the FFmpeg.exe file.

    Frame Rate

    The higher the frame rate, the shorter the animation clip.

    File Format

    Only displays for Sequence output

    Click Drop-down, then click the file format you want:

    • JPEG

    • PNG

    Render Type

    Click Drop-down, then click the render type you want:

    • Ray Trace

    • Normal

    Render Quality

    Only displays if Render Type is Ray Trace

    Click Click to display the available options to display the available options, then click the setting you want to use:

    • Low

    • Medium

    • High

    • Best


    Click Preview to preview the output. By default the preview excludes the garment. To include the garment, select With Garment.

    Click Preview

    When the preview is running, click Preview to stop it. You can click Preview again to continue. You can also click Go to start to return to the beginning of the preview.


    Select to delete existing snapshots and simulate by creating new snapshots.

  3. Click Generate. A file explorer window is displayed.

  4. Navigate to the folder where you want to put the output, then click Select Folder. The animation output is generated.

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