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Multi Avatars

Multi Avatars

You can have more than one avatar display in the 3D window or the render window, at the same time, wearing the same or a different garment.

For example, you might use this feature to work on one garment while viewing another, or view multiple colorways together, or render multiple garments and poses together, or view the garment in different sizes.

You can use this feature to add dressed avatars only.

Displaying Additional Avatars

To display an additional avatar:

  1. On the Main menu, click Garment. A menu is displayed.

  2. Click Labs, then Multi Avatars, then Add Avatar.

    A copy of the original avatar is now displayed in the 3D window:

    Multiple avatars

    • The new avatar is the active avatar. This is marked by a green circle above the avatar’s head.

    • The original avatar is inactive.

    • New avatars are added to the active avatar’s right side - to the left of the active avatar from your perspective.

    • The new avatar has the same pose, colorway, and size of the original avatar.

    • You can work on the new avatar as normal. For example, change the pose.

      Different poses

    For more information, expand the following:

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