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VStitcher 8.0 and Lotta 4.0 Release Build 50463

January 16, 2019

What's New

This release includes the following new features:

  • Tech Pack

    Support for rotating artwork in JSON output

  • Materials

    Support for linking and unlinking the width and height of both artwork and 2D trim in the Context view.

What's Fixed

This release includes a fix for the following issues:

  • Lotta/VStitcher

    • Using a Smart Zipper on an Outfit

    • Using Microsoft Edge browser, tech pack field extends out of bounding box when shape name is too long

    • Smart button position values change after being deselected

    • False flag displaying on tech pack after replacing previous tech pack in same location

    • In SmartDesign, line capture incorrectly transferring to related piece

    • Unable to import Color Libraries

    • Import source visible in HTML tech pack

    • System crashing when opening fabric properties window for different garment

    • Unexpected behavior when adjusting values of a custom shape attachment after unlinking height and width

    • Pattern piece information not clearing from Context view

  • DB Admin

    • Missing trace line in bra wire

    • On calculating elastic band test results, error message is displayed

    • Unable to search for fabric names

    • On saving fabric data, error message is displayed

    • Unable to export DAT file

    • Import of DAT file does not complete

    • Fabric data incomplete after importing DAT file

    • Error message extends beyond window

  • Alvanon DRM

    • Unable to overwrite APF

    • Editing avatar can cause avatar dialog to not display and freeze VStitcher

    • Importing and editing avatar can cause avatar to appear without hanging points

    • Able to import avatar without permission file after clean installation

    • Changing measurement units for avatar can disrupt location of hanging points

    • Able to render ray race of garment with avatar despite lack of permission

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