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Using the Fit Shoes Pane

Using the Fit Shoes Pane

You can use the Fit Shoes pane to adjust the shoes, the avatar’s feet, and other settings.

To use the Fit Shoes pane:

  1. In the 3D window, right-click the shoes. Menus are displayed.

  2. Click Fit Shoes. The Context view displays the Fit Shoes pane.

    Fit Shoes pane

Label Description


  • Shoe Name

    To create a clone of the shoe:

    1. Type a name in the text box.
    2. Click Save As. A copy of the shoe is created.
  • Menu

    Click Click to display a menu to display the following menu:

    Menu is displayed

    • Cancel Changes - Click to cancel changes made to the shoes. The shoes revert to the last saved settings.

    • Clone Shoes - Click to clone the shoes. A copy of the shoes is added to the closet using the existing shoe name and a number.

    • Replace 3D Object:

      1. Click to open a file explorer window.

      2. Navigate to where the 3D object file you want to use to replace the existing 3D object, and select it.

      3. Click Open. The 3D object is replaced.


Click Click the drop-down to select the units of measurement you want to use.


Click Swap Sides to move the left shoe to the right foot, and the other way around.


By default, the shoes are dynamically linked so that changes to either shoe automatically proportionately affect the other shoe.

  1. Click Connected to remove the link. Disconnected is displayed.

  2. Click Disconnected to reinstate the link. Connected is displayed.


Shoe Adjustments

You can make precise adjustments to the shoes by typing in the desired value.

  • Move on X, Y, Z Move the shoes along the X, Y, or Z axis.

  • Rotate on X, Y, Z Rotate the shoes about the X, Y, or Z axis.

  • Adjust size on X, Y, Z Adjust the size of the shoes along the X, Y, or Z axis.


In Shoe Feet Properties

You can make precise adjustments to the feet by typing in the desired value.

  • Ankle - size of the ankle
  • High Heels - rise of the heel

  • Foot Length - length of the foot

  • Foot Width - width of the foot


These settings only display when using shoes on a parametric avatar. Adjustments apply only when the avatar is wearing shoes. When shoes are removed, the avatar reverts to its previous parameters.


If Include in Simulation is selected, in simulation the shoes collide with other garments, for example, trousers. Clear this option to have the simulation ignore the effect of the shoes, though the shoes are still displayed.

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