Will I be able to use replace on the button tab to substitute textures with an image of another button in png format? It was demonstrated in your September edition video you can use replace to change the button textures.  I tried the same action with a png image of a button and received the following message (see snapshot) How do I enable textures for 3D trims?



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  • Hi Susan,

    We can replace the texture of a 3D object in Browzwear, but we are not able to adjust the texture scale/tiling information as this is controlled by the 3D object's UV mapping.

    To best explain the options that are available to us for 3D object textures, let's review the below topics.

    1. What to look for in a 3D object to replace the texture

    The 3D object must have a UV map for us to replace the texture. To see if it has a UV Map, we can check the material’s context view and see if there are any maps visible. If the area under the maps is greyed out, there is no UV and we cannot replace the texture. If we see selectable texture editor areas (this may show as (No Texture) or have an image we can select, then we can replace the texture.

    2) How the software interprets the replaced texture on the 3D object

    Clicking into one of the editors, we will see some options. We can edit and replace the image, but all other options are grayed out. This is noted by the information area that says “texture transformation and tiling settings are disabled for 3D trims”. This is because the UV map of the 3D object controls how the image layout appears on the object, such as the scale, shape and repeat. The UV map information is created when the 3D object is created in a 3D modeling system. This means the UV layout will vary across different 3D objects.

    3) How the UV map applied to the 3D object during the original creation affects the texture

    If we do not know the original UV applied to the 3D object, we can replace the texture map to see how the UV layout applies the replaced image.

    The same diffuse image is applied to all three of the buttons below. On the top and bottom left, we can see the rotation orientation is different than the added image. The top and bottom left appear much different. The bottom right has a UV that appears circular.

    The top right appears to have almost no effect. The reason I wanted to share this one is to stress that there are multiple maps that can be on a trim. This denim button has a normal map and a high specular and specular tint intensity. The normal map is the source of the Browzwear lettering.
    Once we delete the normal map, or set the intensity to 0, set the specular and specular tint intensity to 0, and reset the color to gray overlay, the visual appears identical to the replaced diffuse image.

    4) Best practices for replacing an image of a button or adjusting scale successfully

    If we want to replace a full image of a button, be sure that you choose a 3D object that is the closest shape and style possible. For a flat two-hole button, use a 3D object that is a flat two-hole button. When the thickness or style of the button varies, this is when we will see a bigger difference in the look we are wanting. Also, always be sure that the UV of the button you are working with covers the full surface of the button in a functional way. As an example, the button with the circular UV, will not show a flat image of a button well on its surface as it will be distorted. Additionally, adding an image of a fancy shape button, such as a flower, will not re-shape the round button to match.

    When replacing an image, since we cannot scale the texture, we should use “edit externally” to change the image to best match our button. In the below example, I have a heart design on a two-hole button. hole button. When I first replace the image, the texture is too large. I can alter this by adding more border space to my image in photoshop. I also recommend filling the background of the image with a similar solid color to the button.

    Overall, the buttons in the Browzwear Library should be set up for optimal texture replacement with fewer adjustments needed.

    Hope this is helpful for you, 


  • Hi Zisie,

    This was a great help.  Thanks for the detailed explanation.  I have a clear understanding of Trims




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