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Collections are a unique part of the platform which external users can neither view nor enter. It allows your company to gather styles from different sources and then to share and discuss them, keeping all aspects confidential.

Collections are very flexible and can be used to create seasonal line reviews and assortments.

  • You must be an admin user or a member to create a collection

  • You must be a member to contribute to a collection

You may create sections within each collection to help organize your styles. It may help to think of a section as equivalent to a rack in a physical store. You can freely name and organize the sections in a collection as you want. For example, you might have one section for tops, one for bottoms, and another for dresses.

Within a collection, you can be in edit mode or present mode.

  • Edit mode allows you to edit the collection. 

  • Present mode allows you to present styles and see in one view all the colorways and an inspiration image. 

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