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Installing Lotta or VStitcher Using a Cloud License

Installing Lotta or VStitcher Using a Cloud License

To install the Browzwear application using a cloud license, do the following in order:

Install Browzwear Software Applications

Installation for VStitcher and Lotta

    1. Ensure the user has a cloud license. For more information, refer to Cloud Licensing Overview.

    2. Download the appropriate installation file.

    3. Run the installation file. Ensure you run the installation file as an administrator.

    4. Follow the on-screen instructions, including those for activating the cloud license in the Browzwear Connect pane.

      Browzwear Connect dialog box

      If the Browzwear Connect pane no longer displays, you can view it by going to your taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac), and clicking Connect icon. The Browzwear Connect pane is displayed.

      If you have difficulty accessing the internet, refer to Check Internet Connectivity. An internet connection is required for cloud licensing.


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