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Basic Versioning

The Basic Versioning feature allows style creators and reviewers to track changes made to the style, as different versions. Each version includes the different resources for that upload. When uploading from VStitcher or Lotta to Stylezone, you can choose to upload a new version or to edit an existing version of the style. When a new version is added to the style, a notification appears to notify users of the new version. For information on how to upload versions using VStitcher or Lotta, refer to Versioning When Sharing Styles Using VStitcher .

For each style with existing versions, you may view a current version or a previous version. Note that the current version is editable, but previous versions are not. To edit a previous version, it must be restored as a current version.


To view a style's versions history:

  1. In Stylezone, go to the desired style. The style review window is displayed.

  2. At the top of the review window, select the display versions button.

    Versions history button

    The Version History pane appears on the left side of the review window.

Viewing and Editing a Current Version

The following image displays the basic versioning feature, while a current version is displayed.

Versioning feature overview

The following table describes the different parts of the basic versioning feature, while a current version is displayed.

1Select Open versions pane button to view the style's versions history. The number that appears on the button shows how many versions exist for the style.
2Select Close versions history to close the versions history pane.
3Select Add a new style version to add a new style version. Note that the new version is added at the top of the versions history pane and is now the current version.


This is the current version, it always appears at the top of the versions history pane. The current version is the official version and is the one that is displayed as the cover image for collections, on boards, Miro, and different platforms.


These are the previous style versions. You may comment on previous versions, but they are not editable, which means that you can't share, or add previous versions to collections. Refer to the section below to learn how to restore a previous version to make it editable.

When a style that includes a BW file is uploaded from VStitcher, this file will be linked to the associated version. Any changes in the version will update the related source BW file. A “BW” icon appears in the related version in the Version History. You can download the file from the VersionVertical ellipses menu options.

Renaming a Version

To rename a style version:

  1. Click Vertical ellipses next to the version, and then select Edit style information.

  2. Change the version name and press Enter or click outside of the text box.

Viewing a Previous Version

The following image displays the basic versioning feature, while a previous version is selected.

Previous version review display

To return to the current version of the style, use the Back to Current Version button at the top right of the review window.

As mentioned previously, previous style versions are not editable. To edit a previous style version, you have to restore it as the current version first.

To restore a previous style version as the current version, use the Vertical ellipses next to the version.

Then select Restore Version.

Restore version option

The style version is cloned and moved to the top of the list as the current version, and is now editable.

Cloned version

Hiding or Showing a Version

The Version menu includes an option to toggle between hiding and showing a version in the Version History.

To use this tool:

  • To hide a version, click Vertical ellipses next to the version and select Hide Version. The version is removed from the Version History.

  • To see hidden versions, click Filter comments button at the top of the Version History pane and select Show Hidden Versions. The version appears in the list with an icon indicating that this version is hidden.

  • To restore and un-hide a version, click Vertical ellipses next to the version and select Unhide Version


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