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Stylezone 3D Viewer

The Stylezone 3D viewer allows you to view a style on an avatar or alone in 3D from all angles. Use the zoom in/out, pan and spin navigation functions to view the style in 360 degrees. To activate the 3D viewer you need to upload a glb file of a 3D object to Stylezone.

To upload a glb file to Stylezone:

  1. There are two ways to upload a glb file to Stylezone:

    1. Via the Stylezone Edit Styles page, as described in this article.

    2. Via the Share dialog box in VStitcher (Version 2022.2 and newer). For information on this option, see Uploading Styles With Lotta or VStitcher.

  2. Go to the desired style. At the top right of the review window select the Edit Style button.

    Edit style button

    The Edit styles page is displayed.

  3. In the Edit styles page, under the Colorways section, select the Add Resource button.

    Add resource button

  4. Choose a glb file of the desired 3D object from the folders on your computer. You may export a glb from VStitcher via the render dialog. For more information refer to Exporting Garments as 3D Objects

    Wait for the file to upload, this may take a while.

To view the 3D object:

  1. In the style review page. On the left side of the style review page, a 3D thumbnail is displayed of the selected glb file.

    3D thumbnail

    • Note that a glb that is uploaded from Stylezone, and a glb that is exported with 'Share to Stylezone' have different thumbnails.

  2. Click the 3D object thumbnail, and wait for the glb file to load. You may review other thumbnails on the same style review page while the file loads, the loading process does not stop as long as you are on the same page.

    Loading 3D

  3. Use the following instructions for navigation:

    • To orbit the style, hold the left click on the mouse and drag. Or click the scroll wheel on the mouse and hold while dragging.

    • To pan the style, hold the right click on the mouse and drag.

    • To zoom in and out on the style, use the scroll wheel on the mouse.

Stylezone 3D Viewer Overview

Once a 3D object is uploaded, the 3D viewer is enabled. Now you may zoom in and out on the style and view it from different angles, you may also show or hide an avatar, and make use of other abilities with the action buttons.

3D viewer display

Icon Description

Full screen button

Use this button to enable full screen mode
Download style Click to download file
Hide avatar button

Show avatar

Toggle to show or hide the avatar. This feature supports glb files of VStitcher version 2022.2.0 and newer only.

Note that this button is displayed only when an avatar exists

Help button

Select to display navigation instructions


Reset view button Use this button at the bottom right of the screen to reset the 3D object view to the original state

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