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Managing Colorways in a Collection

You can select which colorways other users can see in the collection.

To do the selection or change an existing selection:

  1. In the collection, click the appropriate style. The Style view is displayed with thumbnails of the colorways in the top right corner.

    Style view

  2. Click Select Colorways.

    Select colorways

    The Colorway selection view is displayed with the available colorways.

    Colorway selection view

  3. To hide a colorway, click Click to hide at the top right of the thumbnail.

    As you hide a colorway, or make a hidden colorway visible, the All, Visible, and Hidden numbers are automatically updated.

    Hiding a colorway

  4. To make a hidden colorway visible, click Click to display at the top right of the thumbnail.

  5. Click:

    1. All to display on the page all the colorways.

    2. Visible to display on the page only the colorways you want to be visible in the collection.

    3. Hidden to display on the page only the colorways you want to be hidden from the collection.

  6. Hover your mouse over the top right of a colorway thumbnail and click Full screen to see a full screen version of the colorway.

  7. From here:

    1. To browse the other colorways, use Browse left and Browse right .

      You browse the colorways according to the current tab: All, Visible, or Hidden. For example, if you are in the Hidden tab, you browse those colorways.
    2. To return to the Colorway selection view, click Return to Colorway collection view.

    3. To return to the Style view, click Return to Style view.

  8. Note: You can also make a colorway hidden or visible by clicking the eye icon.

  9. Once you have finished your colorway selection, click Return to Style view to return to the Style view.

  10. Click Return to the collection to return to the collection.

    You can also select colorways to be hidden or displayed by clicking the eye icon on the thumbnails that display in the Style view.

    Hide a colorway

You can change the order of colorways inside a collection.

To change the order of colorways in a collection:

  1. In the Colorway selection view, select the colorway that you want to move.

    Colorway selection view

  2. Hold the mouse down while dragging the colorway to the desired place.

  3. Click Reset colorways order at the top right of the Colorway selection view, to reset the order of the colorways.

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