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Visual Quality Standards Configuration

Visual Quality Standards Configuration

The VQS feature allows you to configure visual quality standards before sharing garments on Stylezone. You can configure avatar and pose sets, renders, and style colors.

To access the VQS dialog:

  1. In the Main toolbar, click Share to Stylezone icon .

    The Login to Stylezone window is displayed.

    Login to Stylezone

  2. Enter your Stylezone account information, Then click Next. The Share on Stylezone window is displayed.

  3. At the top left of the Share on Stylezone window, click the Menu drop-down. The share options are displayed.

    Share on Stylezone drop-down

  4. Select Configure Quality Standards. The VQS dialog is displayed in Zero state.

    VQS dialog

The VQS Sections

The Visual Quality Configuration dialog consists of four sections.

VQS sections

For more information, expand the following:


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