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Reply and Mention Users in Comments

Reply and Mention Users in Comments

You can reply to existing comments.

To post a reply to an existing comment:

  1. Click the desired comment in the resource preview image or In the comments section. The comment pop-up is displayed with a reply option.

    Post a reply

  2. Click Reply. A space to write a reply is displayed.

    Space to write a reply

  3. Write a reply, then click Post reply button. Your reply is posted and displayed under the comment in the comments section.


To mention a person in your reply, refer to the Mentioning a user section in this article.

Mention a User in a Comment

You can mention other users in comments or replies. Mentioned users receive a mention notification.

To mention a user in a comment or a reply:

  1. Add @ in front of the desired user name. The User names of people who are in the same group are displayed.

  2. Click the desired user name. The user name turns orange and a mention notification is sent to the mentioned user.

To view a comment with a mention of your user name:

  1. Click the notification bell next to your user name. The notifications are displayed.

    Mention user notification

  2. Click the mention notification. The comments section is displayed.

  3. A mention icon appears at the top left of the comment with the mention of your user name.

    Mentioned user icon

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