Inviting guests to view a collection

Inviting guests to view a collection

Internal Stylezone users can invite guests who don't have Stylezone login credentials to view a collection using a shareable link.

To invite guests to a collection:

1. In the Collections page, click the Members icon sz-member.PNG and then click the Share Link sz-link.PNG button. 


The Share link dialog box appears.

2. Next to Link Expiry, set the expiration date for the link. 


3. Click Copy Link and close the dialog box.

4. Send the link to the guest user you want to invite.


After the guest user receives the link, they should:

1. Paste the link in their browser. They will be prompted to enter their email address.


2. Enter their email address and click Send Code. A verification code will be sent to their email address.

3. Enter the verification code that was sent to their email address.

4. Click Verify to view the Stylezone Collection page.

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