Managing Tags

Managing Tags

Tags allow organizing styles, making it simpler for users to find exactly what they're looking for. Whether it's by color, occasion, or season, tags streamline navigation and enhance search capabilities within the style library.

When working with tags in Stylezone, bear the following in mind:

  • By default, only admins can create tags in the ​Manage Tags​ page. For further information, see ​Adding, Editing and Managing Tags.
  • Admins can, however, grant permissions to moderators and contributors to also create tags. Moderators and contributors can create tags via the ​Style ​​page.
  • Only internal users can create/manage tags. External users will not be exposed to tags.
  • Tags are available at site-level. Even if a user is a moderator or contributor at group level, any tags they add will be available at site level.

Leveraging Usage of Tags

Using tags has several advantages:

  • ​​Organizational Structure: ​​Tags help in organizing and categorizing styles efficiently. They provide a way to group similar styles together, making it easier for users to navigate and find relevant styles quickly.
  • Customization and Personalization: ​​Tags can be personalized according to user preferences. Users, with relevant permissions, can create custom tags or categories that align with their specific style preferences or needs, thus tailoring the app experience to their liking.
  • ​​Ease of Management: ​​ Tags improve overall usability and maintenance of the style library and make managing styles more efficient.
  • ​​Collaboration and Sharing:​​ When sharing styles with others, tags provide context and help convey the characteristics of each style more effectively. This facilitates collaboration among users who may share similar interests or need to coordinate on styling choices.


Adding, Editing and Managing Tags

There are two ways to create or add tags:

  • Admins can create tags in the ​Manage Tags​​ page.
  • Moderators and contributors can add tags in the ​Style ​​page (when enabled by the Admin).

​​To add, edit and manage tags in the Manage Tags page:

1. As an Admin user, under your ​Profile ​​menu, select ​Manage Tags​​.

​2. In the ​Manage Tags ​​page, click ​+Add Tag​​ to create a new tag.

​3. In the ​Add Tag​ dialog box, enter a tag name. Click ​Add Tag​​ to save the tag.


​4. To ​edit a tag​​, hover over a tag in the list and then click the edit.png button to edit the tag.


​​5. To ​merge tags​​, select two or more tags in the list and click the​​​​​ ​Merge merge.png ​​button. You will be prompted to enter a new name for the merged tags. Click ​Merge ​​to save.​


To add, edit and link tags in a Style:​​

1. As a Moderator or Contributor, you can add tags in one of the following ways:

    • In the ​Feed​​​ /Board​ view, click the ​​​ellipsis.png button and select ​Add Tag​​. Enter a new tag name or select an existing tag.


    • Access a style and then click the ​Details details.PNG ​​button. In the ​Details ​​window, enter a new tag or select from the existing tags. The new tag will automatically be linked to the selected style.


    • After adding a tag, the number of tags linked to the style appear in the Style card:


2. To remove a specific tag, click the ​X ​​next to the tag name or click the ​X ​​in the tag field to remove all tags.

Viewing Tags

To view tags in the ​Feed​​​ /Board​ view, click the ​Tag ​​icon.


To display the tags constantly, you can enable the ​Tags ​​option in the ​Profile ​​menu under ​View​​.



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