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Positioning Fabric for Short Segment Tests

Positioning Fabric for Short Segment Tests

For short segment tests, use a portion of the sample that has not been tested: the end of the fabric sample not used in the long segment test.

To position the fabric:

  1. Open both clamps.

  2. Lay the sample on the clamps and across the block, aligning one short edge of the sample on the edge of the fixed clamp.

  3. Pull up the screw head on each clamp and tighten it.

  4. Lightly roll up the loose end so it is positioned on the movable clamp and does not touch the base plate.

    The following image is a side view of how the fabric should be positioned.

    Side view - short segment

    1: Base plate. 2: Fixed clamp. 3: Narrow block. 4: Movable clamp. 5: Fabric sample.

  5. Ensure the fabric is straight (centered between the clamps) and flat, but not stretched.

  6. Check that the needle on the force indicator is in the center. For example:

    Checking the force gauge

    Do not over-tighten the clamps, as this affects how the material performs.

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