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Width Sample - Long Segment Test

Width Sample - Long Segment Test

There are the following tests for the width sample:

  • Long segment test

  • Short segment test

To run the long segment test:

  1. If not already at the FAB user interface, start the FAB, open DB Admin, and click Use FAB. For more information, refer to Using the FAB.

  2. On the list on the left side of the page, click Width - Long Segment.

    Long segment test

  3. At Enter fabric width, type in the sample width. (The default is 5 cm.)

    Long segment test

  4. Remove any sample fabric from the machine.

  5. Ensure that the:

    1. Fixed (or stationary) clamp is closed.

    2. Movable clamp is open.

  6. Click Start. The movable clamp moves into place.

  7. Slide the square block between the clamps. The grooved edge should face the movable clamp.

    Positioning the square block

    The block has guidelines which you should align with the guidelines on the clamps as shown in the following image.

    Aligning the square block

  8. Position the fabric sample on the FAB according to Positioning Fabric for Long Segment Tests.

  9. Remove the block.

  10. Click Start.

    The test is complete when two blue ticks are displayed on the right side of the page.

    Length test complete

  11. Click Next.

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