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Fabric Analyzer

Fabric Analyzer

Using patent-pending technology, Browzwear developed the first fabric analyzer that gives you the information required for an accurate 3D simulation you can trust.

With minimum human intervention, the custom-designed Fabric Analyzer:

  • Captures the full force extension curve of the fabric sample

  • Translates the data into human-readable parameters including mass, thickness, bend, stretch, linearity, and shear

  • Automatically creates a digital fabric ready to be draped in VStitcher and turned into a 3D garment that you can see for yourself

The Fabric Analyzer (or FAB) is part of the Browzwear Open Platform ecosystem. You can use it to analyze any fabric, for any application, including footwear and bags. In addition to the human-readable standard data, additional raw captured data of full curves is available on request.

FAB 2.0 is the latest version of the fabric testing machine, released in August 2020. The earlier version is referred to as FAB 1.0.

For more information, refer to the appropriate manual:

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