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Mass Calculation

Mass Calculation

If you have already completed Mass Calculation, skip ahead to Thickness Test.

To run the mass test in the FAB:

  1. On the list on the left side of the page, ensure Mass Calculation is highlighted. The following screen is displayed.

    Mass calculation

  2. Use a digital scale to weigh the three samples together and divide by 3 to get the fabric weight in grams. Make sure the value has 1 or 2 decimal places and type the result into Fabric weight.

  3. Mmeasure the length and width of one sample, then:

    1. At Fabric width, type in the width of the sample.

    2. At Fabric length, type in the length of the sample.

  4. At Fabric area, click Calculate. The area is displayed.

  5. At Mass density, click Calculate. The density is displayed and the mass is calcualted.

  6. Click Next.

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