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Your License Details

Your License Details

If you log in to the Browzwear Cloud License site (, the page displays your profile and the details of the software you are licensed to use.

Profile and license details

From here, you can:

Available Products and Your Status

The products for which you have an assigned license are displayed one product per row.

Each product is displayed with its version. For example, you may have a VStitcher license valid for 2019 August Edition.

In addition to Lotta and VStitcher, depending on the products acquired by your organization, there may be other modules such as Open Platform, SmartDesign, and features that have a specific ID number.

For each product, your status is one of the following:

  • Offline - the product is not open on your computer, or the product is open but you are not connected to the Browzwear Cloud License site.

  • Online - the product is open on your computer and you are connected to the Browzwear Cloud License site.


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