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License Dongles

License Dongles

Unless using Cloud Licensing, the following Browzwear products require a HASP key license dongle to run the software:

  • VStitcher

  • Lotta

The following Browzwear products are standalone and do not require a license dongle to run the software:

  • DB Admin

  • Tech Pack Editor

  • BWO Viewer

Using Your Browzwear License Key

Licenses to activate the VStitcher and Lotta software are kept within HASP key dongles. The HASP key must be plugged in to your computer to run the software. If the red light is on after you plug in your key, it means that the computer has recognized the HASP key and is ready to activate the software license.


Local and Network Licenses

Your company may be using local or network licenses.



Each user needs to have the HASP key plugged into their computer for the software to run. If there are multiple users, each needs their own HASP to use the software, or, one HASP key can be shared between multiple users, but only one user can use the key at a time.



One HASP key (containing one or more licenses) is plugged into a central computer or server. Users connect to the licenses through their network connection and do not need to have a HASP key plugged directly into their individual computer.

Setting up a License

HASP keys hold version-specific licenses and allow users to access the correct version of software their company has approved. Because of this, licenses held on HASP keys need to be upgraded for large software version releases from Browzwear.

For new licenses, or upgrades to major releases of Browzwear software, there are two parts to setting up your license:

  1. Retrieving current license information (a C2V file) from the HASP key

  2. Applying a V2C file to the HASP key

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