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Installing Lotta or VStitcher Using a Network License

Installing Lotta or VStitcher Using a Network License

To install the Browzwear application using a network license, do the following in order:

License Server Installation

Port 1947 must be open for client machines to communicate with the HASP key.
  1. Download the Sentinel runtime and install on the server machine:

    1. Click here.

    2. Search for:

      • Mac: Sentinel HASP/LDK Mac OS X Run-time GUI Installation

      • Windows: Sentinel HASP/LDK - Windows GUI Run-time Installer

    3. Download and install the appropriate file.

  2. Plug the HASP key (license dongle) into your computer.

  3. Open your internet browser and go to http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html to check the HASP key is available and visible in the server.


Client Workstation Installation

To install on a client workstation, complete the following steps, in order:

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