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Applying a V2C File

Applying a V2C File

For new licenses, or upgrades to major releases of Browzwear software, there are two parts to setting up your license:

  1. Retrieving current license information (a C2V file) from the HASP key

  2. Applying a V2C file to the HASP key

This topic explains how to apply the V2C file. For information about retrieving a C2V file, refer to Retrieving a C2V File.

In the event of an error when applying V2C files that requires you to send the file to Browzwear technical support, first ensure all C2V and V2C files are deleted from the system, and then share a newly generated C2V file with the support team.


Using the Correct Procedure

Ensure you use the correct procedure as shown in the following table.

Dongle Version Procedure to Use


  • Any

Browzwear Connect Procedure

Note: You may also use the Standard Procedure.


  • Any

Standard Procedure.



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