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Setting Up Your Organization

Setting Up Your Organization

In outline, to set up your organization to use the Browzwear Cloud License, do the following, in order:

Adding and Editing Groups

You can add groups to your Cloud License account. You can also edit a group name, and delete a group.

For more information, expand the following:

Assigning Contracts

The details of your contracts are added by Browzwear. A contract includes a specific version of a Browzwear product - for example, VStitcher 2019 August Edition - and a number of seats (or licenses) as well as the license expiry date and, if applicable, the Annual Maintenance Contract expiry date.

You may assign each contract to one or more groups. If you do not assign a contract, its licenses are available to users in all groups.

To assign a contract:

  1. If you are not already on the Contracts page, click Contracts.

    Click Contracts

    The Contracts page is displayed.

    Contracts page

  2. Select the contract or contracts you want to assign. Contract details are displayed in a form on the right of the screen. For example, the following image shows that Group #2 is selected.

    Group #2 is selected

    If you select multiple contracts, a summary is displayed in the form on the right of the screen. You can use this technique to assign multiple contracts to one or more groups.

    Two contracts selected

  3. In User Groups, click the drop-down.

    Click the drop-down

    A list of available groups is displayed. If the contract is assigned to a group, Contract assigned to a group is displayed.

    Contract asigned to Group #2

  4. Click a group to assign the contract to the group. Alternatively:

    • Clear the selection to remove the contract from a group.

    • Click Everyone to assign the contract to all groups.

  5. Click Click to confirm. The contract is assigned.

You can use the same procedure to change the assignment of a contract.

Adding and Editing Users

You can add users to your Cloud License account. You can also edit a user’s details, and delete a user. For more information, expand the following:

The cloud license invite is valid for 30 days. If an invalid token message is when selecting the cloud license activation link, the invite has expired. Use the following steps to resend the invite.

  1. From the Users page, select the group to which the user belongs.

  2. Select the user with the expired invitation.

  3. Select Cancel Invitation. The email link sent to the user is deactivated. The user is not notified of the cancellation.

  4. With the invitation canceled the user can be added again to receive a valid invitation link.

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