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Problem Activating Cloud License Account?

Problem Activating Cloud License Account?

Browzwear Cloud License -

This is the account used to log into the software. If your company already has an active license, your company’s cloud license moderator needs to send you an invitation email to activate your account.

You should received an email with the subject line Activate Your Browzwear Cloud License. This email includes a link to create your account and password.

Note: The cloud activation email is an auto generated email. This has been known to cause issues where it has been caught in enterprise email filters. It is common practice in most enterprise email filtering systems to block automated emails or send them to your spam or junk folder.

If you are unable to find the email in your spam or junk folder, we suggest checking with your IT Team if they might have blocked the email.

We recommend asking your IT Team to ensure the following are on their allow list:

  • Email:

  • IP address:

If you are a user of a company’s cloud license, contact your 3D Lead or the cloud license moderator to confirm your invitation has been sent.

If you are your company’s cloud license moderator, did not receive the email, and have verified it has not been blocked, contact your Client Success Lead or email

If you received the message Invalid Token after clicking the link in email to activate,

that means your account invite has expired. Note, the account invite is valid for 30 days. Your cloud license moderator will need to cancel the invite and add you as a user to resend the account invite email. For more information on this process, refer to Setting Up Your Organization. If you are the cloud license moderator, contact your Client Success Lead or email to resend the account invite email.

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