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Editing a Group

Editing a Group

To add a group:

  1. Open the Settings menu. (Click your username.)

  2. Click Add Group. The Add Group window is displayed.

    Add or edit a group

  3. Complete the form as required, then click Click Save.

To edit a group:

  1. Click Edit Group. The Group search form is displayed.

    Edit group

  2. Click the Search field drop-down. Group names are displayed.

  3. Select the group that you want to edit. The Edit Group form is displayed.

    Edit group form

  • In the Edit Group form, you can add users and boards, delete users and boards, rename boards, modify group types and edit the group details.

  • To modify the group type, use the Type drop-down.

  • Group type drop-down

  • To navigate to the group page, click Navigate to group button.

  • To delete the group, click Delete.

  • Adding Users to a Group

    As group creator, you are automatically added as a moderator.

    To add a user to a group:

    1. Click Click Add User. The Add users to group search box is displayed.

      Add users to group

    2. Type the name of the user that you want to add. User names are displayed.

    3. Select the name of the user you want to add.

    4. Use the Add as drop-down to choose the user role. Click Add.

    5. To add another user, repeat the preceding steps.

    6. Once you have finished making additions or changes, click Click Save.

    Group Form

    The following table describes the different parts of the group form.

    Name of Part Description


    Mandatory. The group name is used to identify the group.


    Optional. You can type in suitable text to describe the group.


    When creating a group, click the drop-down and select the group type.

    Note: Group type does not display when editing a group. Changing a group type is not supported.


    Displays the users in the group.

    • Removing a user

      To remove a user from the group:

      1. In the row of the user's name, in the Actions column, click Click to remove. A confirmation message is displayed.

      2. Click OK. The user is removed from the group.

    • Changing a user role

      To change a user's role:

      1. In the row of the user's name, in the Role column, click the drop-down.

      2. Click the appropriate user role. A confirmation message is displayed.

      3. Click OK. The user role is updated..

      Use the check boxes next to user names to remove or change roles of more than one user at a time.

      Bulk actions

      The current user does not have a checkbox.

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