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Network Licenses and Timeouts

Network Licenses and Timeouts

By default, network licenses are set to timeout if there is no activity in the application for a continuous period of 270 minutes.

To change the default, you must have access to the server hosting the HASP key.

To configure the timeout period for a network license:

  1. On the server hosting the HASP key, open your internet browser.

  2. Go to http://localhost:1947. The Sentinel Admin Control Center page is displayed.

  3. On the Options menu, click Configuration. A configuration page is displayed.

  4. If not already selected, click the Basic Settings tab.

  5. In the Basic Settings tab, In the Idle Timeout of Session section, type in the value you want. This may be from 10-720 minutes.

    Idle Timeout of Session

  6. Click Submit.

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