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Batch Simulation Quality Review Tool

Batch Simulation Quality Review Tool

This feature is only available to users with a SmartDesign license. For more information, contact your Browzwear representative.

VStitcher includes a built-in review tool feature for use with SmartDesign (modular) garments and related workflow.


The following terms are used in this feature:

  • Combination: SmartDesign garment files typically contain several options for the garment. For example, there might be a short sleeve, medium sleeve, and long sleeve, and perhaps a small pocket, curved pocket, and a larger pocket. In this feature, a combination is one particular selection of pieces which is put together to form a garment. For example, one combination might have with short sleeves and a larger pocket. Another might have medium sleeves and a curved pocket.

  • Batch: When you simulate a garment using SmartDesign, you can choose a group of combinations, all of which are simulated together in the same batch.

After each combination is completed, a snapshot is created.

Reviewing SmartDesign Simulations

To review simulations in VStitcher:

  1. Load the SmartDesign file into VStitcher.

  2. 2020 May Edition and newer:

    1. If the Silhouettes tab is not displayed, on the Resources tabs, click 2D, then Silhouettes.

      Silhouettes tab

    2. Click Snapshot Creation.

      Snapshot creation

  3. 2020 January Edition and older:

    1. If the Features tab is not displayed:, on the Resources tabs, click Modular, then Features.

      Features tab

    2. Click Snapshot Creation.

      Snapshot creation

    The Snapshot Creation pane is displayed.

    Snapshot creation pane

You can use the Snapshot Creation pane to run simulation of all combinations, or you can select a part of the combinations to simulate.

Using the Snapshot Creation Pane

The main part of the pane is a list view of combinations.

In a column header:

  • Click Reverse to reverse the order of the list.

  • Click Filter to filter the displayed list. A menu is displayed with the available filters. Click to select or clear the filters you want to use.

For more information, expand the following:

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