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Virus Protection

Virus Protection

With effect from version 3.1.35 (January 2021) antivirus protection is integrated with the Stylezone platform to scan for a security threat such as a virus or malware.

  • All files smaller than 25MB uploaded to Stylezone are now scanned for security threats.

  • If a security threat is found on uploading a file, the file is deleted and a confirmation message is displayed: Threat detected! <filename> was removed. For example, as shown in the following image.

    Virus warning message

  • If a file is too large to scan for security threats, or for other reasons cannot be scanned, a warning message is displayed.

  • If a user wants to download a file that is too large to scan for security threats, a warning message is displayed. To complete the download, the user must give permission by clicking the appropriate button on the message.

    Download warning message

The version number is displayed at the bottom of the system drop-down menu.

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