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3D Review Windows

3D Review Windows

The Review windows allow you to view the avatars and garments side by side. You can navigate, run simulations, and use selection tools in the Review windows. You can also control the layout of the windows to accommodate your needs.

There is only one active Review window, and its handle is dark gray. This is the window in which actions and simulations are done. Click anywhere inside a Review window to set it as the active window.

The following image is an example of 3D Review windows. The active window has a dark gray handle. At the bottom of each Review window a display name appears which consists of the avatar name and garment size.

3D review windows

The 3D Review window features are described in the following table.

Active window



Toggle to display options

Toggle to hide and display the Pose Selector and the 3D measurements button.

3D measurment options

Click to display the 3D measurement options window.


Click to display the Poses list.

Move windowMove window

Click to move the Review window around and change the arrangement of the Review windows.

View selector

Click the drop-down to display avatar view options.


Remove a window

Click to remove a Review window from the 3D display area.

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