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Moving a Line Using the Alignment Tool

The alignment tool displays at the top of the Context view when you select an element. Alignment is done relative to the bounding box or center line of the pattern piece. You can use the alignment tool to move an internal line.

Alignment tool

To move an internal line using the alignment tool:

  1. On the Main toolbar, click Select.


  2. On the Horizontal contextual menu, ensure Internal is selected.

    Internal is selected

  3. In the 2D window, click the line.

  4. Go to the top of the Context view, and on the alignment tool, click the appropriate icon as described in the following table. The line is moved according to the selected alignment.

    If you hover over an alignment icon, the appropriate Smart Guide guideline is displayed in magenta. For more information, refer to Using Smart Guides.
    Alignment Icon Description

    Align left

    Aligns to the left

    Align center

    Aligns to the center

    Align right

    Aligns to the right

    Align top

    Aligns to the top

    Align middle

    Aligns to the middle

    Align bottom

    Aligns to the bottom


    Note: Is enabled if three or more lines are selected. Horizontally distributes the selected lines


    Note: Is enabled if three or more lines are selected. Vertically distributes the selected lines

    You can also use the alignment tool to move artwork.


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