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3D Stitch Visualization Overview

3D Stitch Visualization Overview

This feature allows you to choose a stitch construction type and create realistic stitching effects in 3D which display as true-to-life, properly interacting with the chosen lighting effect.

Stitch Construction Types

The following stitch construction types are available:

Directional Seam

This construction type simulates stitches which are added over one another in a particular direction, creating a bump or stair effect as shown in the following image.

Directional seam example

Directional seam construction

Flat Seam

This construction type has no effect on the connected edges; it is completely flat.

Open Seam

This construction type simulates stitches which are evenly distributed between the two stitched edges without a seam material on top, typically giving a valley shadow effect as shown in the following image.

Open seam example

Open seam construction

Enhanced Layer Blending and Stitch Construction Type

You must enable enhanced layer blending to use Directional and Open Seam stitch construction types. If not enabled, a warning icon is displayed when you select these stitch construction types.

To enable enhanced layer blending:

  1. On the Main menu, click Garment.

  2. Click Enhanced Layer Blending.


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