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Moving, Resizing, and Rotating a Piece

You can easily move, resize or rotate a piece in VStitcher.

To resize a piece:

  1. On the Main toolbar, click Select.


  2. On the Horizontal contextual menu, ensure Pieces is selected.

    Pieces is selected

  3. In the 2D window, click the piece you want to resize.

  4. Go to the Context view, in the Transformation section.

    Context view > Transformation

  5. Edit the settings as required.

    Setting Description


    Determines where in the 2D window the piece is displayed.


    Determines the width and height of the piece.

    Note: By default, Width and Height are connected so that a change to either automatically causes a proportionate change to the other. Toggle Width and Height are connected to disconnect or connect Width and Height.

    Toggle to disconnect or connect Width and Height


    Determines the rotation of the piece.

    VStitcher 2022.1 and newer

    You can now rotate a piece by edges for a more flexible and faster rotation. For more information refer to Piece Rotation by Edge

    Flip X

    Flips the selected piece through the X axis.

    Flip Y

    Flips the selected piece through the Y axis.

You can also resize a piece using the gizmo. For more information, refer to Using the Gizmo.

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