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Adding a Fold to an Internal Line

Adding a Fold to an Internal Line

You can use the Fold feature to fold a piece along an internal line. For example, you might want to add a fold to a collar.

To add a fold:

  1. If there is no suitable internal line, use the Pen tool to add an internal line to the piece where you want the fold to be.

  2. On the Main toolbar, click Select.

    On the Horizontal contextual menu, ensure Internal is selected.

    Internal is selected

  3. In the 2D window, select the line where you want the fold.

  4. In the Context view, in the Line Properties section, select Fold. Fold properties are displayed.

    Fold properties
  5. Click dis-drpdown.png. A menu is displayed with the different types of fold.

    Fold types

    There are the following types of fold:

    • Sharp - Crisper, more intense fold than Normal.

    • Normal - Default setting. This provides a balanced fold.

    • Soft - Provides a less intense fold than Normal.

    The simulation result for a fold is also determined by the grid applied to the pattern piece and size. Adjusting the grid size may help with the final simulation of a folded piece.
  6. Select the fold type.

  7. To change the direction of the fold, click Invert Fold Direction.

  8. Save the file: on the Main toolbar, click Save.

If the fold is not simulated satisfactorily, you can use the advanced fold configuration properties to improve the result. For more information, refer to Using the Advanced Fold Configuration Properties.

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  • My fold direction is always the opposite of the intended direction. How Can I determine the fold direction without trial & error?

    Could there be a rule to follow, or an indicator on the pattern piece to show the direction of the fold?


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