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Grade Points

Grade Points

To grade a garment, you use the grade points on the base size. The outline of the pattern pieces for the other sizes are plotted by reference to those base size grade points.

  • Grade points on the base size are colored white.

    Grading points

  • By default, all corner points (squares) on the base size are grade points.

  • You can configure other points (circles) on the base size to be grade points. For more information, refer to Configuring Points as Grade Points.

  • You can only select grade points on the base size.

To select multiple grade points, press Shift and click, or marquee select the desired points.

Version 2022.2 and newer

Grading of Buttons and 3D trims

With versions 2022.2 and newer, you can grade buttons and 3D trims manually instead of relying only on automatic grading by location.

To manually grade buttons or trims:

  1. From the Main menu select Tools. The tools options are displayed.

  2. Select Sizes and Grading.

  3. Select the desired point on the piece.

  4. In the Context view ensure that the Grade Point box is checked.

    Sizes and grading dialog

    2023.2 and newer
    Toggle the eye icon next to the sizes on/off to display or hide sizes in the 2D window. The base size is always on display by default.
  5. In the Point Grading section, input values as desired in the table.

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